General Information for Connected Parties

Access to NRDBP

All the network providers or/and electronic communications providers, including the new entrants of the market, are obliged to provide number portability services to the subscribers. In reference to this obligation all providers are required to implement the necessary procedures in order to be able to port in and port out numbers from their network and to be connected to the NRDBP either directly or via another provider, so that geographical and non-geographical portability, including mobile numbers, is available according to the provisions of the Number Portability Regulation.

Parties of the public and private sector (such as the General Secretariat of Civil Protection) may have access to NRDBP, upon EETT’s approval, in order to obtain information on the portability of the numbers:

Services provided by NRDBP

For electronic communications providers , these services are:

  • Management of number portability requests
  • Receiving routing information
  • SOAP, REST and FTP interface services for the automatic sending and receiving of all messages
  • SOAP and RESTful interface services for inquire information relating to the status of a number and the owner of a group of numbers
  • Full interface management services via Web browser, without requiring any software installation.
  • Information search on the portability database to electronic communications providers and to authorized entities of the public or private sector
  • Find information for the National Numbering Plan
  • Reports and statistical data on the database
  • Synchronizing the database
  • Helpdesk

For other parties, public or private sector, services include searching for information on the name of the provider with a corresponding number (whether the number has been ported or not), as well as port history from one provider to another.

Connection Methods to NRDBP

NRDBP offers electronic communications providers the ability to connect through the automated interfaces, i.e. SOAP, RESTful and FTP, as well as using Web browser interface, without any other software installation.

Parties of the public and private sector connect to NRDBP through the Web browser.

Access to the NRDBP services is permitted only to authorized users, who have a valid username and password, received from the NRDBP administrator.

There are two options to access NRDBP depending on what the operator wants to use from NRDBP’s functionalities:

1. An operator can directly contact the NRDBP administrator (using the connection request from) in order to connect to it

2. An operator can use an assistant network (another operator already connected to NRDBP willing to provide this service) to access NRDBP

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is required for connecting to NRDBP.
The provider should be licensed with a general license issued by EETT, before connecting to NRDBP.

The Concessionaire of the project is obliged to provide the NRDBP Services, in accordance with the terms and conditions defined in the Official Government Gazette with no. 1763/Β’/20-03-2023, and in the event of an unplanned downtime on services, that exceeds the agreed, he must compensate the provider(s), in accordance with the terms  defined in the SLA between them.

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