Frequently Asked Questions


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    How can I connect to NRDBP?

    Connection to NRDBP is only permitted to authorized providers of electronic communications services and to the parties of the public and private sector. For connection to the NRDBP the providers must contact the NRDBP administrator.

    The electronic communications providers must sign a Service Level Agreement with the contractor of the project “Development, Installation and Maintenance of the National Reference Database for Portability (NRDBP) as well as Operation and Management for a period of five (5) years”. The providers, before connecting to NRDBP, must carry out some tests in cooperation with the Helpdesk, in order to confirm that they are able to connect, communicate and use the NRDBP functionalities properly.

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    What are the working days and hours of the Helpdesk?

    The Helpdesk normally operates from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm Greek local time (GMT+2), Monday to Friday except on the Greek National Holidays (e.g. New Year’s Day, Epiphany, Clean Monday, 25th of March, Holy Friday, Easter, First Monday of Easter, 1st of May, Holy Spirit’s Day, 15th of August, 28th of October, Christmas day and the following day of Christmas).

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    Suppport Material

    Support Material is provided to all the connected parties. Support material includes all the related processes of the number portability, description of the different interfaces that are used by NRDBP, user guide for NRDBP, etc. The full documentation of NRDBP’s services is provided only to authorized users.

Last Update: 30/05/2014