EETT – Regulatory Framework

EETT (Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission)

EETT (Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission) is an independent authority that regulates, supervises and controls:
• The electronic communications market that includes companies that provide fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and wireless communication services.
• The postal market that includes companies that provide postal and courier services.
EETT also exercises the powers of a Competition Authority in the above markets.

More information on the legal status, organization and responsibilities of ΕΕΤΤ can be found here.

Greek Regulatory Framework

EETT, the Regulatory Authority, which supervises and regulates telecommunications as well as the postal services market, is responsible for the regulation and supervision of the Number Portability service.

The specific procedures and duties of the providers with regard to their obligation to provide portability services to the subscribers, are specified in the latest effective decision of EETT “Amendment and Coding in a unified text of the Rules of Number Portability in the Greek Market” (Regulatory Framework for Number Portability). Number Portability Regulation, sets the time intervals within which the porting process must be completed, the reasons why the Donor provider may reject a number portability application, as well as the rights of a subscriber.

European Regulatory Framework

Article 106 of the Directive (EU) 2018/1972 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 11 December 2018, on the establishment of the European Electronic Communications Code provides clear instructions for both the time limits of the number Portability process, and the maximum time for the loss of service, if any, during the portability process.

Specifically, the Directive states that the number portability process should be implemented within one business day, after subscriber’s application acceptance by the Donor provider, and any loss of service cannot exceed one working day. Finally, any direct charges applied, by providers for the number portability service to the subscribers, should not act as a disincentive for the use of the service.