September 2023

On Sunday 01 October 2023 the installation of the new NRDBP software will take place. Therefore, the NRDBP System is estimated to be unavailable from 13.00 until approximately 17.30.

July 2023

The new NRDBP software has been installed into the NRDBP Test System. All telecommunication providers are invited to test the functionalities of the new software from 06-07-2023 to 06-08-2023.

NRDBP Upgade Operations

December 15, 2014 Services

December 2014

The NRDBP Services will be interrupted on Sunday 1st February 2015, from 10:00:00 hours until 22:00:00 hours, due to upgrade operations.

December 2014

From 1-1-2015 all numbering ranges that have been assigned by EETT to telecommunication network/service providers will be included in NRDBP, so as to permit the portability of all telephone numbers. To accommodate this, all relevant providers who are still not connected to NRDBP must do so, or choose another connected provider (serving provider) to perform their number portability tasks, until 31-12-2014. It is noted that only one serving provider can be chosen per number type (fixed, mobile, non-geographic numbers). Serving providers must also inform NRDBP by 31-12-2014 about the providers they are serving and the corresponding numbering ranges, so that the numbering plan can be promptly updated.

November 2014

The NRDBP Services will be interrupted on Friday, 21st November 2014 from 23:59:59 hours, due to upgrade operations, and will be available again no later than  Sunday 23rd November 2014, 23:59:59.